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Announcing Twelve New replica watches For Sale In The HODINKEE Shop (Including An Original Nautilus, 5513, And 321 Speedy All With Full Sets!)

One week ago, we re-launched the HODINKEE Shop with a totally new look and some incredible vintage replica watches for sale. Today we're back with a fresh batch after selling through most of the first run in a matter of days. Just like before, you're going to see some beautiful (and still untouched) hi-res photos, what we love about each piece, and what you should know. And because we are nothing without you guys, we listened to your feedback and now offer hi-res photos of the movement of each watch. Have at it people ?we've got some killers for you this week, including an original Nautilus, 5513 Sub, and 321 Speedy, all with original boxes and papers!

1980s Replica Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 With Full Box And Papers

This late-series 5513 is complete with sticker on the case back, full boxes, and original papers.

The 5513 Submariner is, as we've said countless time before, pretty much the ultimate wristwatch. This is a later example featuring white-gold surrounds to the hour markers ?some people like it, some people don't ?but what makes this one special is that it is in spectacular original condition. Further, it still retains the original sticker on the case back, and comes with original boxes, guarantee, and cleaning cloth! This is a full kit late series 5513, and you know this one will fly.

Zodiac Triple Calendar With Panda Dial

Zodiac panda dial triple calendar.

Scratch the name off this one and you have a major, major watch. This Zodiac features a great (and sharp) steel case with panda dial and a Valjoux 72c-powered triple calendar. There is so much to love here. Click here for full details and images.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3700 With Original Box & Guarantee

This reference 3700/1 features an amazing tropical brown dial and original guarantee from Astrua Torino.

In just 24 hours, there is a good chance my colleagues over in Baselworld will be showing you the latest and greatest Nautilus ?it is, after all, the 40th anniversary of the Genta masterpiece. As such, we wanted to find you an original example in original condition with a few nice-to-haves. First, this 3700 is in great condition. Second, the dial has turned to an amazing, and even tropical, brown color. Try to find another one like it ?you can't. Finally, this 3700 features not only the extract from the archives, but also the original guarantee, indicating the fake watch was sold at famed Torino retailer Astrua. This one doesn't come with the cork box, but it does have an early lacquer wooden Patek box, making it an amazing complete set. See full details and photos right here.

Rolex Day-Date 'Wide Boy' For Spanish Market

This Day-Date is elevated by its "Wide-Boy" dial and hands, and Spanish market day indicator.

There is so much to say about this Replica Rolex and yet we almost don't feel a need to say anything at all ?the 1803 Day-Date speaks for itself. It features a wide-boy, sigma-dial configuration and was originally sold in the Spanish market. It may look like your average DD, but it's not ?see for yourself right here.

Rolex Datejust With Linen Dial In Mint Condition

Mint linen-dial Datejust.

A great Datejust goes a long way, and this one ?featuring a sought-after Linen dial ?could be the ultimate T-shirt to tuxedo timepiece. Have a look right here.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Reference 145-012-67 With Box And Papers

The last of the 321 Speedmasters, with a full kit.

You know what the Speedmaster market is looking like these days, don't you? We went ahead and tracked down a late 321 (ref 145.012 for those who may have watched our Reference Points on the Speedy) but us being us, we found one with box and papers. You're welcome.

1950s Oversized Zenith Chronograph In Rose Gold

1950s oversized Zenith chronograph in rose gold.

Sometimes, the most beautiful replica watches in the world don't come from expected places ?enter this 1950s Zenith Chronograph. This fake watch is simply spectacular in both design ?38 mm in rose gold ?and condition. We can't say enough good things about this fake watch and it's one several of our team members tried to buy before we listed here. This is a special fake watch that will garner respect from any circle of collectors.

But Wait, There's More!

This reference 16750 is available in the HODINKEE Shop.

If you think we're done there, we ain't. Click on over to the HODINKEE Shop now to see the rest of this week's replica watches selection here and don't forget our Rare Finds selections here.

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